Audits and Diagnosis

For the implementation, or performance evaluation, of a Quality, Safety and / or Environmental Management System, regardless of its size, type and characteristics, whether certified or certifiable or not, it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis the situation of the organization, in relation to the applicable legal requirements and the risks that the activities carried out carry, after which it will be possible to plan, program the corrective measures to be implemented, provide the necessary training and undertake the technical and / or organizational measures that are prove necessary.

Alte Safety is able to support its customers in diagnosing / assessing the situation through:

  • Conducting technical audits to assess quality, safety or environmental performance, from a global perspective
  • Preparation and conduction of Audits of Legal compliance (Environment, Quality and Safety)
  • Conducting performance audits of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems
  • Conducting specific technical audits, for example assessing the level of fire safety, performance in terms of Occupational Safety and Hygiene, evacuation conditions, among others
  • Conducting vulnerability diagnoses integrating the components of technical security, physical security and security of information systems.

The identification of sources or situations with the potential to cause damage or have an adverse impact on an organization, from the point of view of affecting the health and well-being of people, material goods, the environment and historical heritage and / or culturally, commonly referred to as dangers, and the assessment of the probability of its implementation and the magnitude of its consequences, a process called risk assessment, is nowadays an indispensable management tool.
Alte Safety makes available to its customers a team with vast and solid knowledge in the fields of hazard identification and risk assessment and management. 

Among many other activities, Alte Safety is able to:

  • Conduct studies of hazard identification and risk assessment, using several recognized methodologies, namely:
    • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
    • HAZOP Studies
    • FMEA
    • Fault Trees
    • Gretener's Method - Fire Risk Assessment
    • DOW Fire and Explosion Index
    • MARAT Method - Simplified Method Risk Assessment of Work Accidents